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Basics and Benefits of Helical Gear Types
Tue 10th Dec 2019 at 7:49am, 0 comments

When many, particularly those new to this realm, think about gears, they tend to visualize a type relatively similar to a spur gear. This gear is one of the most common types and looks like a fairly standard gear, but it's important to realize that there are actually several other types available that might be more useful in certain situations.

At Butler Gear, we're happy to offer a wide range of custom gears in a variety of types, from typical spur gears to numerous others. One gear type that's often used in high-speed applications and those that require smoothness is known as the helical gear, which comes in a bit of a different shape than typical gears and serves distinctly different purposes. Let's go over the basics of helical gears, plus some of the benefits they provide for certain project types and why you might choose them instead of other types.

basics benefits helical gear

Helical Gear Basics

A helical gear is a type of cylindrical gear, meaning it looks a bit different than the standard spur gear. It comes with a slanted tooth trace, one with lines that appear to move diagonally up the cylinder to create a tight spiral. Their teeth appear to curve, if you will.

Helical gears are known to have a larger contact ratio than spur gears, a quality that can serve several purposes. When used in a pair, helical gears will come with the same helix angle, only with an opposite hand to allow them to mirror each other.

In our subsequent sections, we'll dig into the specific benefits of helical gears.

Sound and Smoothness

There are many industrial or manufacturing applications where a quieter sound is required, and helical gears are perfect in these areas. Due to the fact that they make contact with their teeth gradually, rather than all at once like spur and other gear types, they run much quieter.

In addition, they are also smoother than other gears. This limits the sound, even allowing for silent operation in some cases when needed.

Speed Qualities

Helical gears are often used for things like auto transmissions, and a big part of the reason why is the lack of friction they undergo. Once again, this is due to their gradual contact - it means that not only are they well-suited for high-speed applications, they also experience less strain over time and tend to last longer.

Vibration Tolerance

In addition, many applications require limited vibration, which can interfere with consistency. Helical gears tolerate vibration extremely well, making them a great choice for such needs.

For more on why helical gears are beneficial in many applications, or to learn about any of our gear types or other services, speak to the staff at Butler Gear today.

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