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Factors in Gear Manufacturing Pricing Structures, Part 1
Tue 11th Feb 2020 at 7:01am, 0 comments

At Butler Gear, we're proud to serve as your one-stop shop for all custom gear manufacturing, plus other various milling and turning needs. We offer a huge variety of custom gear types, from bevel and crown gears to spur gears, helical gears and many other types based on your needs.

One of the single most common questions we're asked by our clients is a natural one we completely understand: How do you define the pricing for various custom gears? And while we'd love to give you a single answer here that covers this entire question, the reality is that the price you pay for a given gear setup will depend on a number of differing factors. In this two-part blog, we'll spend some time going over these various factors and how they might impact your costs for a new gear purchase.

gear manufacturing pricing factors

Material and Machinability

The first and often most important factor in determining your gear cost is the price of the raw materials used to create it. If you're using the highest-quality materials, for instance, you can expect your costs to be relatively high - but you can also expect strong performance from these materials to justify this. Hybrid materials, in particular, are durable and flexible options that tend to run at a premium but provide fantastic value.

In addition, machinability is a vital factor to consider when it comes to selecting material. It's currently possible for raw material to be modified to lower costs during manufacturing, including some important machine tool and tooling advances our team will be happy to detail for you.

Equipment Utilized

In addition to the actual material being shaped and formed into a gear, you also have to consider the equipment that will be utilized to work on said material. There are a variety of equipment types within the gear manufacturing world, some with far greater expense of use than others. Products that rely on the most complex equipment will naturally be the most expensive, as the most expertise is required to operate them properly.

Labor Required

Like any other service-based industry, another major factor in your final price will be the labor that has to be utilized to complete the job. This includes not only the actual gear production itself, but also important factors like safety and quality inspection, which all our gears go through before being sent to clients. In addition, there are certain kinds of special gear projects that will require extremely involved and detailed labor, which understandably will come in on the pricier end.

For more on the factors involved in defining your costs for new gear manufacturing, or to learn about any of our custom gear manufacturing services, speak to the staff at Butler Gear today.

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