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Gear Shaping of Splines in a Sprocket for the Heavy Equipment Industry

Splines in a Sprocket A customer from the heavy-equipment industry came to Butler Gear Enterprises, LLC. because they needed an internal metric spline machine on the inside diameter or a large sprocket. The spline was a 9 module pitch with a 30° P.A. and the bore of the sprocket measured 45" in diameter and 16" in length. We accomplished this task by utilizing a state-of-the-art Fellows Gear Shaper, which enabled us to hold parallelism tolerances down to .001". After a thorough, 100% inspection, we supplied the customer with all the necessary testing and inspection documentation and then shipped the 8000 lbs gear. The project ran 3 weeks from start to completion.

To learn more about this unique gear shaping project please see the details below. To get information on our other industry-leading services please contact Butler Gear.

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Gear Shaping of Sprocket Spline Project Highlights

Product Description This Sprocket is used within a heavy equipment application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Gear Shaping
  • 9 Module
  • 30° P.A.
  • 20 Teeth
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Fellows Gear Shaper
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.:Ø45"
Length: 16"
Tightest Tolerances Parallelism of .001"
In process testing/Inspection performed 100 % Inspection & Document
Estimated Part Weight 8000 lbs
Industry for Use Heavy Equipment
Volume 20
Turn Around Time 3 Weeks
Delivery Location USA
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
ISO 9001:2015
Product Name Shaping of Sprocket Spline

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