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Types of Gears

Butler Gear Enterprises manufactures the highest quality custom gears for a wide variety of applications. Some of our specialties include bevel, worm, helical, pinion, crown, herringbone and spur gears.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to handle any size job, no matter how large or how small. We can manufacture products to your specification or our experienced engineering team can design a solution for you. We can also reverse engineer a customized design, even if you don’t know the precise dimensions you require.

Bevel Gears

We manufacture precision bevel gears of all types, with precision tolerance and exceptional quality. This includes straight bevels, spiral bevels, zerol, coniflex and hypoid designs. We offer a variety of metals to choose from, depending on your needs and application, including stainless steel and high-tech metal alloys.

Worm Gears

 With our custom worm gear manufacturing processes, we provide solutions for a variety of industries. We can fabricate your worm shafts and worm gears in standard sizes or in a size that is customized to your specifications. Our advanced technology and equipment allow us to engineer your worm gears with the highest level of precision in the industry. 

Spur Gears

The highly efficient design configuration of spur gears provides power and uniform rotation to achieve constant speed. Our custom spur gear manufacturing processes allow us to produce internal spur gears as well as cluster spur assemblies with precision tolerances. Choose from stainless steel, advanced metal alloys or whatever material is most appropriate for your application. 

Helical Gears

Similar to spur designs, helical gears are appropriate for applications that require higher velocity with smoother, quieter operation. Butler Gear manufactures custom and specialty helical designs, including ground and cut helical gears. Simply specify your diameter, pitch and face dimensions or, if you prefer, let us engineer a solution for you. 

Pinion Gears

Our custom pinion gears, in conjunction with racks or ring gears, provide exceptional performance and durability. Precision design and manufacturing allows us to provide our customers with exceptional product life and reliable performance at a very reasonable cost. 

Herringbone Gears

We offer custom herringbone gear manufacturing, including design and engineering, for a variety of applications. Our production facility features specialty gear cutting equipment that allows us to produce true herringbone gears in a wide variety of sizes and materials. 

Crown Gears

Crown gears – also known as crowned gears – are ideal for any application where high quality and reduced noise are necessary. Our advanced gear manufacturing equipment allows us to crown gear teeth in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and goals. 

In addition to the products listed above, we also have the capacity to design and fabricate various other types of gears and gear-related products. Our focus is always on providing the highest quality products in the industry with quick turnaround and reasonable pricing. Contact Butler Gear today to discuss your custom gear manufacturing needs.