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Re-Ring and Gear Hobbing of Steel Ring Gear for the Paper & Printing Industry

Steel Helical Gear A customer from the printing and paper industry came to Butler Gear Enterprises, LLC. with a ring gear that was worn and needed replacement. The worn ring gear needed to be removed and a new ring installed onto the original gear body. After machining the new ring, it was heated and shrink-fitted, drilled, tapped, and welded to the gear body for final machining and gear hobbing. The ring measured 60.138" in outside diameter, 55.600" in inside diameter, and 6." long. After a thorough inspection, we shipped the 3000 lbs gear to a location in the Midwest.

For more information about this unique re-ringing and gear hobbing project please see the details below. If you have a question about our other services please contact Butler Gear.

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Re-Ring and Gear Hobbing of Steel Ring Gear Project Highlights

Product Description This Steel Ring Gear is used within a printing application
Capabilities Applied/Processes General: (Took existing material from ring manufacturer and removed existing teeth that were on the original gear and then re applied the new ring to the outside of the gear and re attached it by drilling and tapping and welding)
VTL Turning
Drilling & Tapping
  • Drill & Tap ½-13 x 1.5" Dp. x5 Steel
Gear Hobbing
  • Hob Spur Gear
    • Steel:
    • 3 DP
    • 20° PA
    • 120 Teeth
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part VTL Lathes
Hobbing Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions
Material (Steel):
O.D.: Ø60.50"
I.D.: Ø53.750"
Length: 6.25"
Finished (Steel):
O.D.: Ø60.138"
Length: 6"
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used Steel Rolled Ring
In process testing/Inspection performed 100% Inspection
Estimated Part Weight 3000 lbs
Industry for Use Printing
Volume 1
Delivery Location Midwest
Standards Met
We re-made per sample provided
2D CAD Drawing
ISO 9001:2015
Product Name Re-Ringed Steel Spur Gear Assembly

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