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Spline Repair of an Electric Motor Armature

Spline Repair of Armature A client who works in the electric motor industry approached Butler Gear Enterprises, LLC. to spline repair an armature. To complete the spline repair we removed the existing teeth and TIG welded the shaft with sufficient materials for machining. Then we re-turned and re-hobbed the spline to meet customer-supplied specifications. Finally, we sent the armature to a top heat-treatment specialist to heat-treat the spline end.

The 25 lbs armature, which measured 18.5" long and .983" in outside diameter, was welded with 4140 materials and repaired in just 2 weeks. Following inspection, it was shipped to the client's Milwaukee, Wisconsin location.

For more details about this spline repair, please see the details below. For any questions about our other industry-leading services please contact Butler Gear.

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Spline Repair of Armature Project Highlights

Product Description This Armature is used within an electric motor application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Spline Repair
  • Remove Teeth
  • Weld (TIG) - Weld Shaft w/ Sufficient Material for Machining
  • Re-Turned (Turn off Spline)
  • Turn Diameter for Re-Hobbing (1.5 Module, 20°PA, 14 Teeth
  • Heat Treatment (Heat Treat Spline End)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Hobbing Equipment
Induction Heat Treating Equipment (was outsourced)
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 18.5"
O.D.: Ø.983"
Tightest Tolerances .001
Material Used Welded with 4140 materials
Hardness 50Rc+
In process testing/Inspection performed 100% Inspection & Document
Estimated Part Weight 25 lbs
Industry for Use Electric Motor
Volume 1
Turn Around Time 2 Weeks
Delivery Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
ISO 9001:2015
Product Name Spline Repair of Electric Motor Armature

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