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Butler Gear was founded in 1960 in Butler, Wisconsin and is a complete gear, job shop manufacturer. We manufacture standard, metric and special form gears - from samples or drawings. We customize our machining to meet your specific needs including many grades of materials and varying quantities.



At Butler Gear, our roots in gear manufacturing date back to 1960. We supply customers with high-quality custom gears manufactured from almost any material and in virtually any size and configuration. With our exemplary service and extremely competitive pricing, our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small job shops in the drilling, oil, automotive, food service, military, agricultural, government, aerospace, and other demanding industries. We have a strong engineering background, and our staff is always ready to assist with engineering, material specification, and problem-solving.

Our portfolio of custom gear and transmission products includes spur, helical, and worm gear sets with capacities up to 80" in diameter. We also produce bevel, rack & pinion, and planetary gears and specialize in internal shaping. Along with flat and hex shafts, gear features include British Standard Metric, cycloidal, involute, straight, and Fellows 20° stub gear tooth forms.

We operate a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and use a variety of manufacturing processes to cut and form gears. Our forming capabilities include casting, forging, and molding as well as stamping, punching and powder metal processing. Along with conventional hobbing and gear milling, we use EDM, flame cutting, and various other methods of gear cutting. We produce gears from an extensive selection of metals, plastics, and non-metals, and we offer many options for finishing and heat-treating. All gear manufacturing is accomplished through a combination of our in-house capabilities and a network of trusted outsourcing partners.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified gear manufacturer, we place a strong emphasis on quality and adhere to the key principles of Lean and Six Sigma in all of our production systems. Our gears exhibit a premium level of craftsmanship and conform to the most rigorous and challenging design and quality criteria. To request a quote for a custom gear or to learn more about our gear manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly.

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