We produce gears from an extensive selection of metals, plastics, and non-metals, and we offer many options for finishing and heat-treating. All gear manufacturing is accomplished through a combination of our in-house capabilities and a network of trusted outsourcing partners.

Stainless Steels

300,400 & Precipitation Hardening

Uses: Pumps, Valves, Marine propulsion

Benefits Anti-corrosive.

Carbon Steels

1018, 1117, 1045

Uses: Also called mild steel, it's commonly used in axles, gears, shafts, and couplings.

Benefits Good machining quality.

Tool Steels

0-1, A-2, M2, M45, Rex 76

Uses: Generally used in form tool manufacture.

Grey Cast Iron

G-2 Class 40

Uses: Grey cast iron, a type of cast iron most widely used for production of industrial components, has superior machinability to that of other types of cast iron.

Ductile Iron

60-45-12, 80-55-06

Uses: Noise and vibration is reduced because of the damping properties of graphite - a key consideration in gear applications - and wear resistance is also improved. Ductile iron is less dense than steel, and the same parts made from ductile iron will weigh 10 percent less than if they were made of steel.


C 932 Bearing Bronze

Uses: General purpose bearing alloy possessing good anti-friction properties and excellent machinability. Used as bearings, bushings, light duty gears & sprockets. Used in pumps, cylinders, and machine tools.

C 954 Aluminum Bronze

Uses: High tensile & yield strength. Good ductility, weldability, and machinability. Excellent resistance to wear fatigue and deformation under shock load. Used in gears, worm wheels, bushingsm and bearings.


C 172 Copper Beryllium

Uses: Highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper based alloy. Used in bearing and thrust washers.


C 862 High Strength Yellow Brass

Uses: Gears, valve stems, struts bushings, and marine castings.


6061, 7075, T651

Uses: Used in gears & timing pulleys. Lightweight, easy to machine, and castable. Resists corrosion, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

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